*Always consult your insurer before making any modifications and check to insure compliance with local law.


1. Clean your bike: a clean bike is a safe one. Do you ever see a dirty bike come out of our shop? No. And there’s a reason:  You can't work on a dirty bike--it's going to be a mess! So start off when the bike is cold by stripping the bodywork, sprocket cover and pulling those brake calipers off.  Spray the bike with Mr Motul Bike wash thoroughly.  Get yourself some soft brushes and work that solution in to every nook and cranny and inspect every bolt and electrical connector.  When you clean your road bike, you’ll be able to see if the chain needs adjusting, if the brake pads need changing or if your oil level is a little low.

There are plenty of special motorcycle cleaning products on the market including Motul Bike Wash which dissolves dirt and grime and Motul Shine and go which protects and renovates the powder coated parts on your bike.

2. Replace or upgrade the suspension parts: some bikes have a hard life, so it makes sense to upgrade your suspension to suit you. Consider having the forks and shock stripped, serviced and re-valved. We also offer a range of suspension upgrades from the best in the business including Hagons, Ohlins and Works.

3. Strip and clean your brake calipers: another often overlooked job. Continuous use of brakes leaves brake dust as well as road grime and grit in your brakes. At least once a year you should remove your calipers, strip and clean them. Also regularly change your brake fluid.  We reccomend Motul RBF 600 racing brake fluid.

4. Use Castrol Power RS Racing 4T SAE 10W-50 oil in your Triumph: Castrol Power RS Racing 4T is a full synthetic four-stroke engine oil for high-performance sport bikes. Its race-derived technology comes directly from Castrol’s experience with teams like San Carlo Honda Gresini, ensuring optimum engine performance and increased acceleration.

5. Remap your ECU to work with any performance mods you do to your bike. This will alter fuelling, smoothing out the power curve, giving the best overall performance and fuel economy for your bike.*

6. Check your tire pressures DAILY. This is the one biggest thing that affects the handling of your bike. So check your handbook and the tire manufacturer’s recommendations and stick to them.

7. Adjust your chain: your chain is vital to how power is transmitted to the road. Too slack and it will jump, too tight and it could snap. Incorrectly adjusted chains can also speed up sprocket wear. We reccomned Gunk Engine degreasser to clean it and then Honda Pro Chain lube after.

8. Upgrade your tyres: there are many different types of tyre out there for your bike. On your machine like a it can help to match the tyres to your riding style. For the Bonnevilles and Scramblers we reccomend the Avod Distanzia's and for the Thruxton we reccomend the Avon Storm 2's.

9. Fit an aftermarket silencer on your bike: motorcycles are built to a standard and also to fit the various emission and sound laws of the country they’re intended for. So, fitting a freer-breathing end-can or full exhaust system will not only liberate a few more horsepower but can also help to cancel out any dips in the power curve.*

10. Make sure your bike fits you: bikes are made to fit a wide-range of people. Which is why adjusting yours to fit you is vital. Most machines have adjustable levers and some even have different seat positions and foot-pegs so spend ten minutes adjusting yours. You can even go further by putting new footpegs on your bike, new bars or a new screen.*


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