British Customs EFI Cruiser Air Box Removal Kit


The better your Triumph breathes, the better it performs. Its just that simple. With the British Customs Exposed Air Box Elimination Kit you can remove the restrictive OEM air box and snorkel configuration and open up the fuel system with some fully exposed, freebreathing K&N cone filters. Dollar for dollar, this is the best performance upgrade you can get for your Triumph Cruiser. Simply scrapping your stock air box doesn't work; it also serves as the mounting point for some pretty important equipment like your relays, fuses, solenoid and rear master cylinder. British Customs reengineered an entirely new air intake system, complete with a new battery box design that provides all those essential mounting points. The battery box is made of lightweight aluminum with wrinkle powder coat finish for durability. All brackets, hardware and fastening points for reinstallation of stock components are included, right where you need them.


  • Increased air flow means more horsepower
  • Improved throttle response
  • Two high flow washable K&N filters
  • All necessary hardware for stock reinstallation included

    Included Components:

    • British Customs Battery Box
    • Stainless Steel hardware
    • K&N High Flow Filters
    • K&N Crankcase Breather Hose Filter

    Q:  What's the difference between exposed and non-exposed?
    Exposed version deletes the chrome air cleaner cover exposing the filters while the non-exposed version keeps everything looking original

    Q:  Do you recommend this upgrade with my stock exhausts?
    A: There would be almost no performance upgrade as the stock exhaust would make the flow "bottleneck" as the stock slip-ons are quite restrictive. For the best bolt-on performance upgrade, we recommend this with an exhaust upgrade

    Q: Can I still use my sidecovers or will this leave the sides of my bike exposed?
    A: Sidecovers can be used after installing the Air Box Removal Kit

    Q: Which jets in the carb kit do I use for my British Customs exhaust?
    A: We've included more than one size to ensure you get a ballpark range to start off with; Jetting will depend on the location/elevation/etc. If you are not familiar with jetting, we recommend getting your carbs tuned through a professional mechanic to ensure a proper install.