British Customs Slash Cut TT Exhaust


The all-new British Customs Slash Cut TT Exhaust hearkens back to the rugged days of flat track racing with its raw sawed-off straight pipe looks and performance. Developed in collaboration with tracker legend Sonny Nutter, this kit will give your Modern Classic that take-no-shit-or-prisoners feel and sound with their sweeping mandrel bends and slash cut exits. These brushed stainless steel pipes are fitted with a louvered core baffle to provide the necessary back pressure to keep your engine performing its best while exhibiting a distinct, throaty bellow. We also made it wrenching-friendly: the whole thing is 2 pieces that allow for both quick installation and easy access to your drain plug and oil filter when you need to get in there to do your regular maintenance. If you want an exhaust system that will give your bike a look and sound as brutal as the power gains, this is it.


  • Designed with legendary racer Sonny Nutter
  • Increased power and performance
  • Lighter weight over stock pipes
  • Precision-machined header barrels
  • Louvered core baffle for back pressure
  • TIG welded, with all welds left exposed for that raw, aggressive look
  • System is designed as a 2-piece system to allow easy installation and access to drain plug and oil filter for regular maintenance

Download Install Guide

Included Components
  • Exhaust components
  • Stainless springs
  • Stainless hardware

Q & A'S

Q: Are these hollow? Is there any baffling at all?
A: No, these have a louver core baffle inserted into the exhaust for optimal backpressure

Q: Can I mount other slip-ons onto this exhaust?
A: No, this is meant as a stand alone individual exhaust system

Q: Which tune do you recommend for remapping?
A: Arrow 2-2 is a good starting point. It will depend on elevation, other mods, etc therefore we highly recommend getting this done at a dealer