High Tech Speed X-Arc Turn Signals


X-Arc signals set a new standard in brightness and quality. They are only 0.875" in diameter and produce more than 400 lumens of light per side. They are by far the brightest signals you can buy.

X-Arc signals are CNC machined from solid aluminum, then either triple chrome plated or anodized, depending on the desired finish. The internal circuit board is current regulated and controlled by a microcontroller chip which constantly monitors the brightness and temperature, ensuring the X-Arc light runs at maximum light output without overheating, ensuring it will run bright and cool for years to come. Installation is easy. The mounting bolt mounts in a 5/16" hole with the wires running through the center of the bolt for a seamless installation. All required hardware is included. X-Arc signals are sold in pairs.

All HighTechSpeed products are designed, manufactured and entirely produced in the USA. They carry a one-year warranty and are backed up by our exceptional customer support.

**Not compatible with 2019 and onwards imobilizer system.**
**Sold as pair.**
**Note: LED Flasher unit required to prevent Hyper flash.**
**Note: Not plug and play recommend purchasing with BC turn signal harnesses & Bullet Connector Terminal Kit to work with BC turn signal harnesses.**