Bobber Sulby 6 Wheel Kit Stage 2


SKU: WK-6S-TLB120-17551835-XXX-2-13 Canyon Motorcycles

Canyon TT Wheels are a complete set of bolt-on wheels for your Triumph Twin, delivering INCREASED STABILITY AND HANDLING, FASTER ACCELERATION, AND BETTER BRAKING.
Allows you to run a 180 Tubeless rear with correct alignment!
-16“ x 5.5” Billet rear wheel
-19” x 3.0” Billet front wheel
-Revolutionary offset 520 chain & sprocket system
-TT 37 offset rear sprocket
-TT 17 offset front sprocket
-520 lightweight race chain
-Stage 2 comes with Avon Cobra Chrome tires
-WICKED WIDE 180-16 rear tire
-110-19 front tire
-OR any tires of your choice!
*We recommend running Galfer rotors and brake pads or Free Sprits Brembo upgrade kit with all our wheel kits.*

*Final product may vary slightly from images.