Ace O Spades

That’s the way I like it baby - I don’t wanna live forever!!
Todd called me when he scored an abandoned '07 Bonne in a backyard--and it was rough--real rough. He brought it into the shop to sort the handling out with a Canyon Custom wheel kit, and it evolved into a full heavy rock build to blow ya Marshall stack up!!
I was brought up on Motorhead as Lemmy is from my hometown in Stoke. I remember going to see them at Port Vale when I was a kid--Marshalls stacked to the roof of the stadium, denim jackets stinking of Patchouli oil, greasers and long hair head bangin’ everywhere--Brilliant!  My Uncle Barry lived 5 miles away and said he couldn't hear his TV that night!!  It’s gotta be one o’ the best heavy rock songs ever, and this Bonne is well worthy of the Ace o’ Spades nickname!
To start the project rolling, we went with a Phantom Black and Stainless Thruxton size Canyon Wheel Kit (luckily we already had one pre-built, which gave us a nice jump start on the Project), Custom Built Hagon piggybacks and front spring kit, along with rebuilt forks sort the handling out.
A set of Biltwell clubmans and Mini Gauges give a great cockpit view and match the fully-adjustable Sato rearsets.  We also made an alloy fender which was given the trim and mounted to the new B/C  Fork Brace.  The Leather Strap-On Kit works well and we cut the seat down and covered it in brown Porsche vinyl with black pinstripe.  The new rear fender kit and LED lights along with the X-arc turns sigs give it the Canyon style!
Braking rotors, Berringer 4 pot and Avon Storms give some great feel on the anchors, all of which which add up to a proper 60's Cafe Racer stance.
After much persuasion from yours truly to finish the bike proper, Todd crumbled and the Ace now lays the fat rubber down with some CR race carbs and cams to sharpen throttle response and a instant 15BHP along with Titanium header wrap and Bub pipes that will blow ya amp up with these bad boys...They Rock!
This is how your Bonneville should look, ride and sound and its guaranteed to make your neighbor’s lawn turn brown!!!!