How to Build one Fast Thruxton!!

Bill's a gentleman, a rocker, a Triumph enthusiast and a total maniac on his Thruxton and wanted to get it looking and performing to suit his elegant style...

So I rebuilt it last winter and did some serious performance work.  This bike is one of the first '05 Thruxton's to hit the roads and had about 16,000 miles of solid use on it and was due for a total overhaul and a freshen up.  So last winter, I rebuilt it tastefully and did some serious performance work along with wheels and suspension.

So to lose the taxi stripe from the factory and give the bike a bit of class, we installed our hand made custom 'Canyon Leather Strap-On' kit!

To take care of the handling, I replaced the stock head bearings with Taper rollers and serviced the swingarm bearings and torqued everything to spec.

A set of TT Billet Sulby wheels with Avon Trailrider tires complement the full Works Race Suspension perfectly.  Everything was custom built for Bill's weight and hard aggressive riding style!

Bill went for the Canyon Brushed-Finish engine cover kit and wanted some reliable HP so the motor was stripped, the head ported and polished with 2mm oversize valves, Kehin FCR 39mm flatslides, and British Customs Stage 1 Cams, very rare Stainless Arrow headers, classic Staintune throaty pipes, and heavy duty clutch are what adds up to a great reliable performance package.

This motor REVS INSANELY FAST and pulls your arms out of the sockets with a delicious sharp howl while lifting that front wheel skyward!

Pretty much the only view you will see of Bill and the Canyon Bullit is the arse end...so tuck in and follow Sir Bill Bullet of the Canyon!