Canyon Motorcycles played a key role in helping us achieve the look we were going for with the bike. Not only did they fabricate custom wheels specifically for the project, they also worked closely with us to make sure we were involved and on the same page as far as the precise color tone of the wheels.  They also offered technical advice and assisted getting last minute parts on the bike in time for us to take part in this year's The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

The wheels were so transformative as far as the overall look of the bike, we decided to add "TT" to the original "Blackbird" project name out of respect for Canyon's going above and beyond to assure our vision came to fruition.  

Adrian and his team at Canyon put the "Special" in Specialist as far as anything Triumph in the LA area goes, they are the guys you want to go to. Such a great experience! 

Nick Dee-- Canyon "Blackbird TT" Thruxton

Hey Mate,

The bike really feels bloody amazing. It’s quite amazing the transformation it went through with you, and I’m glad I found you up there…the quality of work is spectacular. I can honestly say it feels like a completely different bike, planted in turns and stable at highway speeds where it fell short before. I feel much better knowing you’ve gone through the bike completely and feel a lot safer on it now. 

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’d rather things be taken care of right the first time despite the cost and extra time. It’s great to find a likeminded mechanic. Thanks a million.


Hey Adrian...

Love the Urban TT Bonne! The bike rides amazing and could not be happier with everything, you are without a doubt the most passionate Triumph Guru in L.A. I'm glad we met and now have a personal as well as a working relationship.

If you own a Triumph this is the shop where you should bring it.

Thanks again and go Stoke City!

Andrew--Canyon "Urban TT" Bonneville

Adrian...Nice job on my bike, it's badass.  The bike hasn't run this well in the time I've owned it.  Rode a couple hundred miles today, to Wrightwood and back on the Crest. Third gear, 5k to redline, the motor just howling and laying down the power... wow. No popping on the overrun.  The clutch is pure pleasure.  The brakes are spot on.  The gearbox stirs like melted butter.  Glad you told me what to do if the coil came unplugged - warming my hand on the valve cover, I knocked the left side off and there went the motor.  No problem, easily enough fixed.  Dude, the detail you put into it...not over-lubing the chain, getting the "engine room" detangled and visually clean, everything nice and neat.... that too is very nice work.  Great job all around, man.  Chuffed, I am.  Chuffed!  

Bill -- "Canyon Bullet" Thruxton


Adrian, very sincere thanks  for all the love, care, and hard work you put in to my bike over the past month. Not only did the project come out beautiful, she rides even better than she looks with the TT wheels and suspension package, 

It was truly a joy to get to watch a true craftsman at work. Thank you for making a dream come true.

Ian--"Green Lightning TT" Bonne

I wanted to thank you again for building my dream bike for me...I could not be happier with how the Canyon "Black Mamba" Thruxton turned out! I constantly find myself admiring the bike and my commute to and from work every day leave me smiling ear to ear. The level of care, attention to detail, and love that you gave this machine are unmatched by any mechanic I have ever been to and the final product is a true testament your methods. You transformed my standard Thruxton into a beautiful beast of motorcycle that I used to only daydream of and in only a weeks' time. 


Not only does the bike look incredible, the performance is day and night compared to stock! It is now so fluid, stable, and responsive and pleasant to ride at any range but especially when there is a nice stretch to really open it up. I feel much more confident traveling at higher and lower speeds as the wide wheels and moto tires stick to the road and hug turns so effortlessly. One of the most noticeable changes is the suspension! I no longer feel every hick up and bump in the road and have much less discomfort while riding. The bassanis look really classy and fresh with a  bassy and throaty howl that is quite refined by comparison to the BC Predators on my last bike, and the Dynotune tops it off to make everything just feel responsive and right on point! I love this machine and it feels better every time I jump in the saddle. 


The build process was also very enjoyable with top notch service and positivity with a laid back yet very professional vibe. It was really fun talking bikes and parts with you and Alec at your immaculate workspace and I appreciated the photo updates that let me watch the bikes progression. Everything was done extremely efficiently and in an orderly and organized approach and I received the bike back cleaner than when I bought it new from the dealership! The estimate turned out to be right on point and did not fluctuate in the slightest aside from the parts we decide to add, all  of which turned out to be worthy investments. Overall I am extremely satisfied and also impressed by high standard of your work, your shop, and your method of conducting business and I feel very thankful and privileged to have had you work your magic on my bike.  I will recommend your shop to everyone I know with interest in Triumphs as the piece of mind that comes with knowing your motorcycle is in the best possible hands is well worth the money and the ride up the Canyon! Best regards

Michael G.--Canyon "Black Mamba" Thruxton


In a word:   WOW!!  I feel like I rode away on a new motorcycle this morning. I REALLY had to slow down and get used to it, because the difference between before and after is huge!  Shifting, braking, acceleration, handling, and overall ride are dramatically improved. I didn't realize how squirrely the bike had gotten on the freeways until I rode it today. It was rock solid! Engine was running like a top as well. That 19 tooth sprocket definitely makes a difference, and I could really feel the difference in RPMs on the freeway. Runs a lot smoother in general. Thanks for everything. Your attention to detail is impeccable and I felt like you treated my bike like one of your own. I don't think you'd let a bike out of your shop that you wouldn't feel safe riding on yourself.  I think that's what makes a great mechanic.  Cheers, 


With out a doubt Adrian is the best!!! He is one hell of a mechanic in addition to being a great guy. I have no problem with what he charges in that he is as honest as the day is long.  When I took my 675 to the dealership for its first service - they did such a bad job that I swore I would never take it back (and I never have).  Adrian has come through for me time after time for my track days and is the only person I trust to work on my bike besides myself.


Lee--Canyon Racing Daytona 675

Hello Adrian...I did a BIG ride (for me) on Sunday, up Angeles Crest to Newcomb's Ranch, and home. The bike is fantastic, rides like new, and feels the best it ever has performance-wise. When we arrived at Newcomb's, someone approached me and said, "How can it be that CLEAN"? I said that I usually keep it clean, but it's never been THIS CLEAN! Needless to say, I'm amazed with the work you did, your expertise and knowledge of  mphs, and very glad I brought my bike to you. I really think the Meteler's are awesome, and they look and feel great. I will have only very good things to say about you and your garage to everyone I meet.  

Tom--Canyon “Ace” T100

Hey Adrian, Thanks again for seeing and servicing my bike.  The ride home from your shop was truly a different experience than the ride to your shop!  The bike feels like a beast, it sounds like a beast.  In fact, I’m asking myself why am I not out there blasting around right now?

I appreciate your walking me through the work and giving me a chance to see and learn more about my bike.  I enjoyed that a great deal.

You’ll be the first person I ask if I have any questions, and the first person I recommend to anyone else who needs help with their Triumph.  Thanks again.

Jeremy--Bonneville T100

Hey Ade,

I couldn't be happier that I was able to meet you and that you were willing to take me on as a customer!   There is so much attitude when it comes to motorcycles in this city and not only are you the best at what you do, you are also one helluva nice guy...and that means everything to me.  I'm really looking forward to working with you ongoing, and getting to do some rides together as well!  I feel I should be thanking you just as much!!  So many many thanks!

Rob--2012 Canyon 'Magnum' Bonneville

Hi Ade-

Thank you for the great work. I'm really glad that I was referred to you. I admire the meticulous work and passion that you put into working on bikes. It really shows based off all the bikes you've worked on, not to mention the beautiful bikes of your own.  What a great ride home last night. PCH was pretty wide open heading South so I was   able to really open it up. What a difference you can feel. All I could think about when I woke up was the bike so I decided to ride it into work this morning too.

I look forward in continuing to work with you on getting my bike exactly as I picture it  in my mind! Cheers,

Adrian--06 Bonneville


I have taken my ‘new’ Bonneville out a few times – it is indeed like a different machine, with a much-noticeable increase in power and performance, I must say. The throttle just pulls and pulls forever, and I startled myself a few times returning home from Topanga Canyon that night last week! Can’t thank you enough for your efforts and improvements, and I’ll certainly sing your praises at every opportunity.

Peter Heyes, Tour Manager USA EagleRider Motorcycle Tours

Hello Adrian...Many congratulations for the accolade of  'Bike of the Month' on the Triumph RAT forum for the ‘Thruxton.'  Your  bike is unique and massively impressive!  The combination of parts and the final product it's exceptional.  You have talent, no doubt about it!  Your write up about the mods performed is also very well detailed and well explained.  Congrats for such a formidable bike.

Carlos Schmidt, TPUSA/Southbay Triumph

Adrian, thanks for all the great work getting the bike set up.  First of all, the Silver Dream Machine is totally different than the Scrambler I brought you. It feels great, light and tight, like a proper racing machine!!  I almost feel like a proper mechanic after a day’s education in the shop  with you.

Nick--2006 Canyon 'Silver Dream Racer' Scrambler

SoCal riders, I've finally found the best Triumph mechanic in town.  I've tried three dealerships here in SoCal and all have left me very disappointed in their service/work.  When it was time for my 12,000 mile service (the big one) I took it to Adrian Packett, and was shocked with what I got back - my bike was like it was brand new again!!!  It felt so much better and he fixed every problem it had.  I suddenly loved my bike again!  In addition to the standard service, he got rid of my cam-chain noise (the horrible rattle from 0 to 6.5k RPM); re-routed my fuel pump relays (which a dealership had installed wrong); realigned the steering head (which i didn't even know was out a little); detailed the bike to a level of cleanliness even I could never achieve; and installed my new Sprockets and Chain.  He had all the parts needed in 3 days too!!  He knows his stuff so I recommend him to anybody in need of service in SoCal - avoid dealers and if you love your bike, and try Adrian...he's totally official and a fully certified Triumph specialist with all the tools and service papers--even going so far as to furnish me with the checklist of service performed and stamping the Owner's Service Handbook for the work done so your records are in 

order... Great bloke!

Matt--Triumph Daytona 675

Hey Ade!

The weekend with Angus the Scrambler went beautifully!  I knew that getting it lowered would make a world of difference, but that plus the new handlebars has really changed the way the bike handles for the better. It is a whole different bike, and that's exactly what I needed. I'm also really happy with the throttle and clutch. Everything engages nice and smooth, I no longer have to get my revs up to 2-3 grand to get the clutch to engage without stalling  (which was the case with the stock Scrambler) yay! Shifting is smooth too. The seat has been great, nice and comfy, and with the new suspension the ride is lovely. I hit some sections of torn up road  (they were repaving it) and didn't have any issues. Everything just feels really put together nicely. It's such a joy to ride on, and now that we've dialed everything in Angus is everything I wanted the Scrambler to be: fun!

It fits me perfectly, and  I really can't thank you enough for doing such an incredible job with the bike.  I'll keep you posted about the pipes and I'll see you soon for the 500 mile checkup. Cheers. 

McKendree--2012 Canyon 'Angus' Scrambler

Hello Adrian...I wanted to thank you again for the outstanding work you did on my Bonneville. The bike runs and sounds great and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Please know that you are welcomed to use me as a reference for any prospective clients. With your knowledge, expertise and professionalism, I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone. I look forward to coming to you again for future upgrades on my bike.  Please also extend my gratitude to your exceptional customer service department.

Mark Mendez--Triumph Bonneville

Finally tracked down my mechanic formerly of L.A. Triumph. This guy has parted ways with the dealer and is now working independently. Awesome service, fair prices, and he cleans the bike up everytime I take it in.  I mention this because there have been some previous posts about folks looking for a good SoCal Mechanic. And I know from experience finding a Triumph certified mech. or dealer even in L.A. is a chore. This guy is not my cousin or my pal or anything. I am just really pleased with the service I received. If you are need of the  best Triumph Tech on the Westside give him a call.

Lee--Speed Triple


Sincere congratulations, and extremely well done with the 'Super Scruxton Project.'  It is refreshing to see exciting new ideas and concepts rolling in (pun intended!). Good, 'out-of-the-box' thinking and execution.  Just a thought... it doesn't "look” British, it doesn't "look" Japanese, it doesn't "look" American. Sort of a "Matrix," or otherwordly feel to it? Tough, Spartan, Utilitarian...at any rate, nice to see something unique and well thought out.  Great work, keep on keepin' on, and hope you get tons of enjoyment out of it.


Hi Adrian,

The bike feels great. Everything feels really button up.  Gear changes feel smoother/easier...I like the new position of that leaver. The throttle is smoother to take off--far less jumpy. Brakes are night and day, they feel much better. It’s definitely zippier. Handlebars feel good, I think I was just getting used to the new position at first last night.  Thank you for doing such a great job on her.  Your work is well worth the fun ride to Topanga. 

Andrew--08 Bonne

Hey Ade!

Just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work on Angus, it's been a real pleasure, it really has. I had a great ride home, what a difference having those pipes changed out has made. The Zards are LOUD and mean! It's awesome! The handling is beautiful, and the bike's quite responsive. It's such a satisfying experience, opening the throttle the bike takes off quick and the pipes sound glorious. The bike feels and sounds worthy of name like Angus now. Vroom vroom!  See you on Saturday at the Norton ride!

McKendree--2012 Canyon ‘Angus' Scrambler

Hey Adrian,

The bike is amazing so far. the suspension and wheel kit is so much better, almost unreal and I really like the new riding position of the bars.

Also I stopped by the Deux Bike Show early on Sunday in Venice and checked it out. Some cool bikes down there but I think mine was the best!!!

I tell everyone I meet about you and your work, I chose Thirty-Five for the name of my 'Canyon Special' as it was a big year for me personally and professionally, my bike has always been the one thing that gives me joy no matter how bad things get or shitty work is, I get on, take off and instantaneously feel better,

Thanks,I could not be happier with your work. 

Josh--Canyon 'Thirty-Five' Bonne

Hey Adrian,  The bike is great, it looks great, sounds great and most importantly it rides great. Better than I could have ever imagined.  Before I brought it to you I was pretty lost in terms of bike maintenance and how to properly take care of my Bonnie and now I definitely feel more confident about how to take care of it.  In the future I definitely plan on taking it back up to your shop as you provided better customer service and better all around service than any dealership or shop I have previously dealt with. 

Jacob--09 Bonneville


Thank you so much. The bike is fantastic, and looks and feels so much better than when I bought it from the dealer.  Obviously a lot of that is due to the great mods you've made, but I think it's also due to the care and quality of service. I won't be taking my bike anywhere else.  Thanks so much man. For everything.

Stephen Steelman--2011 Triumph T100

Hi Ade, from the few minutes I spent with you (and it only takes a few) I got the very strong impression that  you're the "craftsman" type, not sure if that's the right way to express it, but the idea being that you really put your  heart/soul into what you do, and in so doing so you've also become very  good at it.  I really appreciate and look for that quality in people  And thanks again for cleaning it up, that was impressive.  You've certainly won my business.  --Quincy--08 Thruxton


Hey man, other than myself you are the only person to lay hands on that machine in a familiar way and I aim to keep matters as such!  I really appreciate your friendship & the fact that you're THE MAN when it comes to Triumphs is icing on the cake.  I get a lot of compliments on my bike & when that happens I always pass your card/info along. Cheers!

Billy--Speed Triple

Hey Adrian.

First a huge thanks to you. I am not a life long motorcycle rider and as such wasn't sure that I would notice all of the upgrades, hard work and techincal skills that went into my bike last week. I really did notice. All of it. I was delighted and surprised at how everything on the bike really came to life after the full overhaul. Thank you. The change in performance is amazing.  Thank you for taking the time to do it all right, it made a difference.

Trevor--07 Scrambler

Hi Adrian -- Rode the bike into LA last night and rides like a different machine!! Pulls great, even throttle response, starts flat cold with no problem. Brilliant. Love the bars. Just feels like it "sits right" now. Better control with those bars too. I don't know if it's my imagination and whether the cleaned up stock brakes would have been similar but gotta tell you, I love the Berringer front Brake. Had to do a quick stop in traffic last night and it did the job well and inspired greater confidence that the bike's gonna stop when it needs to. A good thing to be sure. I also like the new placement of the shifter. Bueno.

James--2012 Bonne SE

LOVE the bike mate! Went for a long ride yesterday afternoon up old topanga to kanan and then back to venice on PCH and really got a feel for her. The tires make such an unbelievable difference. Handlebars are way more relaxing than previously too, and the shift between gears and power, as well as braking, feels spot on. So THANK YOU.Got nothing but compliments on the bike while out yesterday, and a bunch of bike fanatics asking where I had the work done.

Jesse--Canyon 'Alias' Bonne

Hi Adrian...Thanks again for everything. It was great to meet you.  I can already feel the bike riding better. It's tracking straighter, shifting nicer (the fully synthetic oil?) and I swear it's accelerating with a little more grunt (not sure what would have caused that - did you put a spell on it?)  Thanks again and I'm looking fwd to working with you to turn this bike from a good bike to a great bike.

Tim--2013 Scrambler

Hey Adrian, Just returned from a 90 miles ride up Angeles Crest and I’m blown away by how well the bike handles! It’s got power, torques, takes the turns like it’s on a track, is comfortable…. It had more fun than I had in 12 years on a bike! In fact I’ll sell my Harley now, ‘cause there’s now point in keeping the antiquated hog. And if I didn’t have the puppy at home, I would still be riding…. Up a the coffee shop on Angeles Crest everybody checked out the Wüsten TT Scrambler and loved it! There was even a guy who recognized it from your Website yesterday! He had just had his 2014 Bonneville serviced by you. Man, I can’t thank you enough for all your hard and excellent work. I still can’t believe you did all of this in 2 weeks - insane!  It’s a dream come true for me and well worth it. Below a couple of nice shots of the bike from the ride.  Take, care, ride safely, I’ll see you very soon, cheers!

Florian--Wusten TT Scrambler


--Thanks again, took bike out on Palos Verdes loop when I got home, I did about 100 miles getting it dialed in, suspension, carbs, brakes etc are great!

Everything is breaking in now, I'm amazed at the transformation, its a completely different bike from the one I bought you on day one. 

It definatly drew many thumbs up and admirers coming up to ask questions and talk, everyone really dug it!! bike is great, I'm very very happy!

Customer for life amigo!


Todd B--Canyon 'Ace O Spades' Bonneville

Adrian Packett was employed by Hamma Glamma productions from April 2005 to October  2006 on the making of a UK television show called All The Gear No Idea. The show involved the shipping of 14 old and decrepit motorcycles to Los Angeles along with the contestants.  All the bikes were to be filmed while receiving a complete transformation within a 3 month period to meet UK TV deadlines.  Adrian was instrumental in the running of the workshop and responsible for all the mechanical work on the bikes and also the sourcing of hard to find parts.  Without Adrian’s intimate  knowledge of the Californian motorcycle business and his many contacts, the show would not have made the deadlines, but it did and 14 episodes were broadcast prime time on Men and Motors channel.  Adrian himself became one of the main workshop characters in the show.

I would not hesitate in hiring Adrian again for any pressure situation.

Simon Hammerson--Hamma Glamma Productions