Do you find yourself looking for another gear when riding the freeway?  British Customs has engineered a lightweight countershaft sprocket that allows riders  to adjust  their gearing ratio easily (see video instructions). Each sprocket is manufactured from 8620 case hardened steel and CAT plated, with lightening holes providing reduced weight compared to the stock sprocket. These sprockets are visually appealing and made to last. Expose your sprocket with the British Customs Front Sprocket Cover for a hot rod look.

Gearing Basics

Going up one tooth from your bike's stock configuration is a great alternative for freeway riding and feels like you've added a 6th gear to your Triumph. Changing the number of teeth on your countershaft sprocket has the same effect as changing your rear sprocket by two teeth. Increasing the number of teeth of the countershaft sprocket will give you the feeling of adding another gear on the free way. If you are looking for more get up and go out of hole, drop down a tooth. The lower the tooth, the faster out of the hole, more push off the line, and less top end (top speed).

British Customs Front Countershaft Sprocket

Choose Sprocket Teeth
  • Features: Countershaft sprocket 8620 case hardened steel CAT plated and lightened Direct replacement for stock sprocket Available in 19 Tooth or 18 Tooth Lighter weight than stock sprocket Note: Please verify the number of teeth on your bike by removing the sprocket cover and counting the number of teeth. There are no fluids or gaskets required to remove the sprocket cover.


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