British Customs Passenger Peg Frame Sliders


SKU: BC1205-001 British Customs

British Customs' MC Passenger Peg Sliders were developed to protect race bikes and riders competing in the AHRMA Thruxton Cup, and now that protection is available for your modern classic. Passenger peg sliders install directly to the passenger peg mount and provide protection for your bike from impacts and abrasions if it is ever laid down, dropped, or knocked over. Each slider is constructed from delrin for maximum abrasion resistance, and features an internal aluminum sleeve for support during harder impacts. Maximize your protection by combining the MC Passenger Peg Sliders with British Customs' Modern Classic Swing Arm Sliders, Shock Mount Sliders, Fork Sliders and Frame Sliders.


  • Installs directly to passenger peg mount
  • Protects bike from impacts and abrasions
  • Constructed from Delrin composite for maximum abrasion resistance
  • Internal aluminum sleeve for support during impact

What's in the box:

  • Pair of sliders
  • Mounting hardware