British Customs Solid Fork Brace - Bonneville SE (2008-2015)


Instability in high speed corners instantly saps your confidence and forces you to rethink your ride. The redesigned British Customs Fork Brace is engineered to stiffen up the front end, reduce front end‚ and help steady high speed vibrations. The British Customs Fork Brace is machined from lightweight 6061 aluminum and includes an optional fork gaiter adapter that will accept any 41mm fork gaiters to maintain your retro vibe while delivering a smoother handling package. The brace is anodized black or chrome plated for superior weather resistance and installs in minutes thanks to its two piece design, meaning there's no need to drop the front end.


  • Includes removable fork gaiter adapters
  • Steadies bike to prevent front end vibrations
  • Machined from 6061 Aluminum
  • Quick and easy bolt on installation
  • Anodized black or chrome plated
  • No need to drop front end
  • Made in USA

Download Install Guide

    Included Components:

    • Solid Fork Brace
    • Stainless Steel mounting bolts
    Q: Technically, doesn't the stock fender mount act as a brace?
    A: Yes it does act as a brace although it isn't as strong with lateral/side loading while this brace specifically "triangulates" the lower fork legs moving as one piece