Free Spirits Scrambler 1200 H-Pipe (de-cat)


SKU: 088308 Free Spirits

Our H-Pipe replaces your bike's original catalytic converter to increase power, reduce heat and weight.

By retaining your OEM mounting points our H-Pipe prevents premature failure of your header pipes, caused by the movement allowed by 'un-fixed' systems.

The H-Pipe are handcrafted and marked one by one.

Attention!: When you mount the H-pipe you’ll lose homologation.

Thanks to the new "original self learning system", no needs to add map or additional fuel unit.


Sometime the connection gasket stick to the original manifold and it can be hard to remove it (see instruction on page 6 photo # 7 if you want to know more)

To save time and be provident you might want to order (from any Triumph Dealer or from us) a new gasket code T2207071 (Add to cart ).

Available for:

  • Triumph Scrambler 1200

Fast and easy to assemble.

Ready for installation.

As Free Spirits tradition all the modifications are reversible.