Mule Handle Bars



Getting a nice looking, comfortable bar is a process of trial and error. Most riders buy a bike and never change the bars, or peg position, or controls, or seat, or anything else! However, tweaking all these items can make a huge difference in the feel of your pride-and-joy.

The bars are stainless for strength and quality, and additionally they could be polished to look like chrome. This polished look (rather than actual chroming) eliminates the long-term shortcomings of chrome plating.

The stainless flattrack low bend bars are offered in 7/8" and 1" sizes. Better news still is that they're ¾" lower than the standard flattrack bend. This makes them more comfortable on the road or racing on your favorite dirt oval.

Want more good news? By lowering the bars, the center section is narrower and the portion of the bar that you bolt onto the controls is longer. This means you have the option of cutting the overall bar width down quite a bit (if you choose), and the ability to move the controls inboard without having the master cylinder mount hit the curve in the bar. Finally the bars can be polished to a beautiful finish. In the picture is a set of the typical aluminum bars for comparison.