Mule Stainless Exhaust System



Here is the reasoning behind the Two into One, Mule stainless exhaust system. First, the stock frame rails hang so low and do so little, both structurally and in their attempt to add "Nostalgia" to the overall design of the production bike, that Mule likes to start by eliminating them from the overall package. Further, they don’t allow for nicely tucked in exhaust system of ANY design. Mule starts by removing these frame rails and designing their own shorter tubes that mount up in their stock location under the steering head, and then pick up the lower front motor mounts at the crankcase. That's where they end (See Mule oil cooler kit under Body/Frame or Engine/Drive). Now Mules fits up an Earl's 4" X 6" competition oil cooler, which is thicker, but narrower than stock. This permits the larger diameter header pipes to exit the exhaust ports at a straighter angle. Better flow! As they make their descent, there are no cosmetic tubes underneath the motor to interfere with a nicely tucked in exhaust system. More ground clearance for cornering! As the collector moves rearward, Mules always been a big fan of mufflers that exit at a sharp upward angle. In this case, we are somewhat limited by the huge, protruding stock passenger peg/muffler mounts. So we've tucked the pipe in as tight and as high as physically possible. Note: this system will NOT fit a bike with the stock frame rails in place as this system tucks in so tight. Meaning you'll most likely need the cooler and sidestand kits to complete the package. That said, the oil cooler kit and this exhaust system will totally transform the look of you British twin! It comes complete with a nice sounding, but not too loud, repackable stainless baffle. Naturally, it's for competition use only!