Mule-Tri Oil Cooler Kit



This one was/is a lot of work. On the custom frame MULE has designed for the new Bonnie motor, we come straight down from the bottom of the steering head to the lower front motor mounts. This kit uses the same concept, but with the stock frame.

First, a precision weld fixture was designed and built to maintain proper fit and clearances. Two new lugs are fitted which bolt in at the top and two cylindrical lugs at the bottom. Fitted between them is a curved, precision fit length of cromoly tube. Very strong!

After TIG welding the lugs to the tubes, the weldments go into another fixture for fit up of mounting brackets for the Earl's 4" X 6" oil cooler.

Finished off in satin black with stainless hardware and high quality AN -6 and -8 lines. The kit installs easily. We’ve made a custom fitting that adapts the -8 return hose to the sump. This will utilize your stock frame hardware and requires the "Mule-Tri Sidestand" because the stock frame rail/sidestand will be removed. Some mechanical expertise will be required.