Nitron R1 Twin Shocks AC


Nitron R1 Twin Shocks

Reliable performance gas mono-tube for twin-shock bikes to be enjoyed on the road. With a classic or stealth touch applied to our already world renown twin-shocks, you can have Nitron custom build you a pair of either R1 or R3 (piggyback) shocks for your period machine, TT winner or cafe racer project. Using the latest materials and technologies ensures your bike will benefit from the ultimate in twin-shock dampers, with not only the best looking shocks available, but also ones with the highest performance in both comfort, reliability and speed.

Fully re-buildable and modifiable, these shocks can be tuned to your requirements and should last as long as your bike. Please note these shocks are available for a standard range of twin-shock bikes or can be custom built to your individual requirements due to their modular construction.


  • Internal reservoir
  • Fully hard anodised alloy body
  • Combined 2-way adjustment
  • Combined 24 clicks of rebound and compression adjustment
  • Nitrogen gas charged
  • 14mm piston rod
  • 35mm Piston design
  • Length adjustable where possible
  • Standard, Classic and Stealth style options available