Nitron R3 Twin Shocks AC


Nitron R3 Twin

The ultimate twin-shock damper...

Nitron’s NTR technology packed into a twin-shock format represents the best package for twin-shock bikes you can buy. Using the same materials, finishes and production techniques as the larger NTR shocks, these twin-shocks have all the features you would expect from a Nitron. Available for a huge range of bikes (and in custom sizes too)


* Piggyback reservoir type

* Fully hard anodised alloy body

* Independent high/low speed compression and rebound adjustment

* 24 clicks of rebound adjustment

* 16 clicks of high speed compression

* 16 clicks of low speed compression

* Nitrogen gas charged

* 35mm piston design

* 14mm Piston rod

* Preload adjustable

* Length adjustable (where available)

* OPTIONS- Standard, Classic and Stealth styles available