Pivot Pegz Mark 3 Off-Road Footpegs Scrambler


Pivot Pegz

World’s #1 High performance Pivoting Foot Pegs Pivot Pegz® are high performance foot pegs incorporating a unique & precisely tuned, spring loaded pivoting action that allows the foot peg to pivot forward and backward and move with the natural motion of the rider's feet. In doing so Pivot Pegz® provides substantial benefits to riders of all ages. The pivoting action of Pivot Pegz® is spring loaded which means it has a built in self centering feature. A spring holds the peg in its central (neutral) position and provides resistance during the pivoting action. When forward or aft pressure is applied, the peg pivots in a smooth and predictable action. When pressure is released the peg instantly returns to its central position. Used by thousands of riders worldwide Pivot Pegz® patented & race proven pivoting action provides superior foot peg grip and load distribution while actively enhancing comfort & control. Now introducing the new Mark 3 Pivot Pegz. All of the same quality and benefits as before but now with a mega 60mm wide platform.