LSL Steering Dampener - Thruxton R


SKU: Z100T071T LSL

No question, the new Triumph Thruxton models offer the steering like capabilities of a pure sports bike, but consequently show the kick-back tendencies as well. Mounting a powerful steering damper would produce more control and make it a beneficial addition to the Thruxton.

LSL offers the perfect matching steering damper to tackle exactly this issue. The damper rate was developed for road use and the LSL unit prevents steering kick-back when crossing bumpy roads at high speed.

The damper rate is progressive with 7-times adjustability. A high polished damper rod runs at a 120mm stroke without play and very low breakaway torque. The steering damper sits in a CNC-machined clamp and has high quality ball joints on both ends.

The LSL steering dampers come complete with all necessary fittings and mounting instructions.