TTP Lightened Alternator Rotor


SKU: -01 Triumph Twin Power

Removing weight from your alternator rotor has two effects, 1) allows your engine to rev quicker giving faster acceleration and 2) reduces the engine braking effect.

On a standard Triumph twin, if you go down through the gearbox from high revs and use engine braking to help reduce speed, the rear wheel tends to lock with loss of control. Reduction of alternator rotor weight helps here by not giving such violent engine braking.

TTP found what they consider the perfect weight reduction for normal/fast road riding to give good acceleration without engine snatching at low revs and is available for all air cooled twins.

**This service requires a core exchange and your rotor needs to be in excellent condition. Please follow the shipping instructions on your emailed order receipt.**

**N.B. M22 x 1.5 thread rotor puller required for removal.**