Greg was looking for his dream Thruxton for six months and finally decided to buy a new Thruxton from Simi Valley Cycles and have it delivered directly to Canyon to get it decked out with some Rock and Roll attitude, as he's a singer for the rock band the Tearaways!

He got a great deal on the new bike but hated the Gold stripe from the factory

It’s pretty bad--whoever decides the colors at Triumph nowadays must like gold?

Luckily enough here at Canyon Motorcycles, we are the only company to sell and trademark a set of hand made “Leather Strap-Ons” specifically for the Thruxton!!



We started off by addressing the wimpy sound and power output of the stock bike and somewhere along the line, a full Predator Performance package from B/C found its way onto the bike, we spent some time settting it up with our custom Dyno tune to impove the fuel and ignition maps and also bumped the rev limiter up by 500 RPMS to wake it up and make it run and sound like a proper 60’s Cafe Racer!

He really wanted the clocks lowered and we now carry the all new British Customs instrument bracket, which drops the clocks down flat and also moves the ignition to a more ergonomically correct position.  I really like these--they are rockin’!

After the performance gains, Greg wanted some some serious rear end and rubber, so he couldn’t resist the lure of a full Canyon black wheel kit to finish the bike off!  This set had gloss black rims and hubs and satin black spokes with stainless nipples. I also had the cush drive coated to match and use a 43-tooth billet rear spocket along with Probolt Stainless rotor bolts and sprocket nuts, and new bearings and seals of course.


The rears for the Thruxton use a 5.5 Excel rim and a 160 or 170 Avon Storm Ultra 2. I love these tires and have used them on all the Speed Triples for years, great sticky road tire and sit well on the rims.  Avon does the Storm Ultra 2 in a 18 inch front which gives a lot more grip and feel over the poor Metzlers the bikes come with.  The Profile of the new tires now makes the bike sit well and those black spokes make for very easy cleaning too!


To improve the anchors we fitted braking rotors that are lighter than the stock heavy rotors, improve the stopping power by 20%, and run a lot cooler!

We fitted the bike with a Smoke Cateye fender kit and turn sigs, and finished the bike off with a set of B/C Side panels and the new Canyon Club decals in black and chrome!


Greg is now a full member of the Canyon Thruxton Club and the bike now looks like a Rock Star, Classic black and silver….Wicked!!!!!

Greg rode the bike back to Santa Barbara and reports back on how stable the bike is, it turns into a corner a lot quicker and the front feels a major improvement with the new rubber.  It’s FAST, on rails, and sounds like a Gibson Electric headlining a rock festival!


Check out Greg’s band AND CRANK IT UP!!!!!


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