Two-tone Bonnes are for Old Men until ya Strip 'em Down and Canyonize 'em!

Then they are Gorgeous!

Josh had a really boring old man’s two-tone Bonneville until it landed at Canyon Motorcycles last week. We talked about what he was looking for out of the bike and I gave him some ideas along with a solid game plan to trick the bike out--and there was no way he could say no!!


Here she is after a full week of attention to detail and some tasty mods to recreate a classic ‘65 Bonne--a fast, modern mean twist on an old man's bike!


To make this Bonne run like a good ‘un and fast enough to keep with most sportbikes in the Canyons, we installed a full B/C Performance package with those classic sleepers and spent some time working the fueling out with a Custom Dyno Tune.  Now it sounds like a proper throaty machine with a soild 15hp gain and lots of controllable drive out of the corners!


Now it need sorting out so it handled the extra ponies.  As always I fitted a full Canyon Wheel kit with brushed Excel rims 5.5 rear, stainless spokes and nipples, and fitted and balanced some Supermoto compound fat Avon Distancias donuts. Billy Hamill built some custom Nitro rear shocks and a matching fork kit to our specs to suit Josh’s weight and riding style and the wide wheels!  A B/C fork brace keeps the front from twisting and then fender was in the bin….the bike was getting lighter and lighter as more stuff came off.  A full set of braking rotors sort the anchors out!


Those horrible OEM bars had to go and a set of good old Biltwell trackers and Thunderbird dog bone clamp went on lovely with no problems with the brake lines or cables.  The new B/C Slammer seat is super comfy, and a cateye fender kit and lush chrome grabrail kit give it a unique look along with a set of the rare 01 steel Side panels which I powder coated satin black.

It took all the red away from the bike.  It was looking great by now!


It’s been a long week up at the shop on the Thirty Five, but a lot of fun and a fantastic bike to show for it--well worth all the sweat and headaches!


She sits lovely in the sunshine like a supermodel and just begs to be thrashed around the hills on a sunny day with all ya troubles left behind!







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