Canyon Motorcycles was founded by Triumph’s own Adrian Packett. We are a small full service workshop that specializes in the modern Triumph Twin. We also manufacturer our own line of custom wheels and offer quality after market parts in our on-line store.

As a native of Biddulph, Stoke on Trent, England,  Adrian’s passion for motorcycles began way before the Triumph factory started producing bikes again in 1995 and sponsored him to be a mechanic in So. Cal’s largest dealership, Triumph L.A.  He quickly attained the title of “Triumph Master Mechanic” and led the service team for the next 12 years. In 2007, Adrian left to open “Canyon Motorcycles” in the beautiful town of Topanga California. It was here that his unique style of custom Triumph Twins took shape and subsequently, the birth of Canyon TT Wheels.

“The modern Triumph Twin is an amazing bike with abundant potential yet no one was building a bolt-on, lightweight custom wheel to replace the extremely heavy, unattractive OEM wheels. I partnered with my great friend Elliot Gaylen of Black Bike Wheels [Master builder of custom wheels for clients including Jesse James, Exile, OC Choppers etc for the last 20 years]. Using my experience of Triumph set ups on the bikes I’ve built over the years and Elliot’s vast expertise in the field, we got started on designs.  After a great deal of time and effort we are proud to introduce you to the worlds finest wheels for all Triumph Twins: Canyon TT Wheels!”  Adrian Packett

Our state of the art production facility produces all TT Wheels in house from scratch. We CNC all of our hubs and components from the finest raw materials, we manufacture our own uniquely designed spokes and finish with a premium powder coating.  This maintains our high standard of quality control and timely deliveries for our stock and client specific wheels alike.

So whether you’re looking for a unique custom Triumph build of your own, factory service, a set of high-performance TT wheels or some trick parts for your twin, look no further than Canyon Motorcycles. We are an established and trusted company with a large and loyal following due to our meticulous nature and attention to detail.  We treat your bike as if it were one of our own.

The Canyon Motorcycle team includes Elliot Gaylen (Wheel Manufacturer), Jason Federici (Art Director and PR), and Ruth Lundi (Accounting and Admin)

Canyon Motorcycles - A Black Bike Wheel Partner