Green Lightning

A proper Green Machine to be proud of!

I had a call from Ian, and his first words were, "I wanna build the best Bonne in L.A."

It turns out he had dropped on a '06 Bonne off Craigslist, had run it around for a bit and loved it.  He brought it up to the shop for a full inspection and estimate to see what there was to work with. Man it was ugly!

Turns out the donor bike was solid, just caked in crap and oil, ran dog slow and felt lethal round a corner with no brakes!

We threw some ideas around for a couple of weeks and the plan was to go through the bike and get all the mechanics of the bike tip top and running well.   Once that was sorted, we'd deal with the cosmetics.

It didn’t quite work out like that as Ian decided to bite the bullet and go all the way.  "Let's build a full blown Canyon Special, something to be proud of!"

The bike was stripped, the motor gone through, the carbs rebuilt and re-jetted with a few tricks and some hand spun velocity stacks; a B/C airbox kit and classic Predator exhaust, new Nology ignition and heavy duty clutch.  All the engine covers were polished to make the motor pop against a black bike.  It was gonna haul ass!

To keep the bike solid as a rock, we installed our TT Classic Stage 2 wide wheel kit complete with offset Cush drive and sprocket system to ensure perfect wheel alignment.  We added Avon Distanzias and a Berringer front brake upgrade, and Billy at Hagon came up with the custom suspension to suit the lighter wheels and set the geometry just right.

We reshaped the front fender and everything was powdercoated at Andrews; added Norman's M bars, LSL rearsets, Steve McQueen Headlight conversion, LED X-arc turn sigs and a naughty licence plate!

Ian loves the Thruxton seats so we had a gorgeous leather seat with silver piping made up.  The British racing green tank was cherry so a good cut 'n buff and it sets the bike off with some vintage class!

Ian’s 8-year-old daughter Lucinda came up with the brilliant name of  the ‘Green Lightning’ and how could ya not use that!

Great Bonne and well proud of it!