The proper way to build a hot Thruxton!

For Sale $24,999 OBO

This one is my own personal bike I bought about 6 years ago now, It had a few bits n bobs done to it and like most bikes in L.A. It had been worked on, somebody had put a load of time and effort in and screwed things up so I started to straighten things out.

Before I knew it I had the motor out and the bike stripped to the frame and replaced all the head and swingarm bearings, removed the lower frame rails with a Mule oil cooler kit.

The motor got some go fast treatment inc flowed head and 2mm oversize valves, stage 1 cams, CR Carbs with hand spun velocity stacks, B/C Airbox kit and high pipes, Nology coil and wires, TTP ignition box, Heavy duty clutch and all the usual trick parts that put together a very nice powerful, reliable package! The bike was quick enough for what I use it for and I then set about sorting the handling out!

If you know anything about Triumphs you know that  a 150 rear tire is the biggest you can fit without hitting the chain or lacing the wheel up and off-setting it to the left, leaving you with a bike that crabs down the road, there are thousands of bikes out there with this done and it’s a bad way of doing it.

We decided to tackle the problem with my great friend and Partner Elliot Gaylan of Black Bike Wheels,

After much R and D and testing we perfected our own TT hubs with revolutionary wide cush-drive and sprocket system to move the chain 13.5 mm to the right and allowing us to lace the rear central with up to a 190 rear tire! the weight saving was huge!

We now have a full line of over 40 different wheel kits for the Twins.

We laid out the geometry on the computer and got some good chassis numbers together, Pierre at Works designed the Works TT Street Tracker rear shocks, and we also developed a whole range of TT suspension kits specific to suit our lighter TT wheels,

Chris at Calfab supplied the extremely light alloy 1 inch over swing arm.

The front end is always the weak point on these Twins and hard to sort out as they use such a long fork, luckily enough LSL had just come out with their all black billet Triple Tree kit to accommodate the Öhlins FG 424 road and track fork so in that went and looked a treat with the Motogadget!

The brakes are Berringer and the best in the business, a full race set up with full floating cast iron rotor and radial caliper up front. The rear is a matching full floating kit designed to work with the TT rear wheel.

All the hardware is stainless and lots of detail touches add up to the finished machine.

I love this bike, its fun fast and done right!