Super Scruxton

For Sale $19,999 OBO

Triumph Winning Bike of the Month Award!!

How to combine the best of the Thruxton and Scrambler Canyon Style! 

I always wanted to build myself the worlds ultimate ‘Scruxton’, it was to be mix of the ‘Thruxton’ which came with all the higher end components inc black motor with polished cases which was my favorite finish, and the ‘Scrambler’ which Triumph did such a poor middle of the road job, It was a girls bike that was crying out for some serious meat and veg!!

It was going to be a light, fast, mean, custom dirt tracker, all black and silver just like in the 60’s!!! Oh yeah baby….. Then we are talkin McQueen, the fence jump, the great escape for the future with parts that improved every aspect of the bike .
It had to be practical and require as little maintenance as possible in the way of cleaning, and servicing as I do that all day on customers bikes!!

I bought a mint 07 with 900 miles on it back in 2007 and stripped it down within hours of getting it. I knew exactly the parts I wanted and set about tracking them down, man that’s a slow process when you want stuff to happen fast.

Thanks to some great company’s and people, Sean at British customs, Larry. Raul, Lucas, Matt and Dom at OTD, Carlos and Matt at Southbay, Pierre at Works Performance, Jims cycle painting in Gardena ,the whole thing came  together in 3 months which ain’t bad in the bike building world let me tell you!!

I have well over 200 hours labor in it I reckon not including emails, driving and pondering and just looking at it with a big grin!

Canyon Billet TT wheels transformed the bike with those fat dual sport tires, it sits just as I wanted after I got Pierre at works performance to build me a custom suspension set up with the ‘pro racer shocks’ and nitrogen forks, it made a stunning difference with an aggressive stance !!

Next I got my Thunderbike full system and 39mm flat slides the same day and that was a busy 24hrs getting everything dialed in right first time for the first test ride .

wow it’s really livened it up …..big time……… major chip shop points when it’s on the pipe, just missing pedestrians left and right, blue disco lights chashin ya down the high street Friday night….oh yes officer …come and have a go if you think your fast enough!

After that it was the Ups truck everyday and more improvements than I can type here as you can see in the pics, it was happy days at the shop! 

So what’s it ride like? It’s a cross between a cafe racer an a dirt bike and it’s something else, its light enough to spin that back tire out o corners and I haven’t enjoyed a bike as much as this for years, 
I’m used to 140bhp nitrous superbikes, but I have had more fun blippin the throttle, listening to those FCR”S whistling and the pipes barking at the lights,
Its great sitting next to some tosser in a fancy Sports car , givin him the V’s, a mean look through me black goggles ,and then blastin off leaving them all for dead everywhere I go!!

So wadda ya think? Do ya think Mr. Queen would approve? ………oh no it’s zee Germans………achtung and vot is your name schwienhunt!!…..time to go!! …….where’s that fence and the great escape!!!

Motor : Factory Black Cases, polished and lacquered valve ,clutch, and alternator cover, mini lightened sprocket cover, British Customs Scrambler Airbox Removal kit and AI removal kit,  904cc with Keihin 39mm racing flatslides, 40mm CNC billet Bellmouths, Anodized black Billet manifolds matched to home ported cylinder head. Race cams, Full Thunderbike exhaust system with graphite wrapped headers and stainless heat shields. Heavy duty clutch springs, Lightened 19 tooth front sprocket, nology profire coil, nology hotwire ignition leads and iridium plugs.oil pressure gauge, running Mobil 1 4t racing oil 15/50, and trick racing 100 octane gas, professionally set up on dyno with 92 rear wheel horsepower and runs and sounds real crispy!!! 
Oh and not forgetting the Kestrel Super Strength engine breather catch can conversion!! Only for the English lads who used to drink that mixed with scrumpie cider.....buurp 

Wheels : Canyon Billet TT wide phantom, 6.25 x 17 rear and 3.5 x 18 front, 30% lighter than stock! Revolutionary wide cush drive and sprocket system which allows for perfect wheel alignment!

Tyres: Avon Trailrider 120/80-18 front, 180/55 -17 rear running 32 psi front, 34 psi rear. 

Brakes: Braking 320mm stainless steel front wave rotor, billet anodized black pazzo ‘shorty’ racing lever, anodized black billet reservoir, Earls performance ‘5 inch over’ black stainless line, Motul rbf 600 racing brake fluid, Pretech 6 pot front caliper
Stock rear with Motul RBF 600 Racing brake fluid and anodized black billet reservoir

Suspension: Works performance TT Pro Racer anodized black billet rear shocks, fully Adjustable for ride height, compression and rebound, built to my specs by Pierre at Works, stock forks with very trick modified internals by Pierre again, black 60’s style gators, Anodized black billet top triple tree With 1 inch billet risers and Renthal fatbars. 

Bodywork: Stock triumph tank with tank pads removed, Modified Fuel tap, powdercoated 20% black classic badges and Monza gas cap, stock modified front fender, stock LH side panel and scrambler, [I used the decals from the Red Thruxton as they have subtle grey in them and set it off real nice] all repainted by Jims Murrilo [RIP] with triple Diamond black and its wicked, It looks like a proper MEAN 60”S Triumph now! British customs reworked rear fender eliminator kit with cat-eye light, powdercoated headlight with my own Steve McQueen headlight conversion and Piaa headlight bulb, Seat recovered In Porsche Carrera vinyl with silver pinstripe and fixed with British customs billet seat bolts .And of course a spiked license plate kit!

Electrical: Anodized black billet turn signals with amber LED’S front and rear with LED flasher unit conversion and yes they are very bright!!Red Led Clock conversion sets it off at night down those dark canyons, PIAA 115 db sports horn for that classic loud honk!

Powder coating: All done professionally in 60% satin finish, footrest assemblies, headlight and brackets, clock surround, side stand, 

Hardware, All Stainless.

Accessories: anodized black skid pan, black engine bars, British customs anodized black billet key relocation bracket, rear passenger footrest removal kit, side panel screw kit, Rizoma class mirrors

All of these parts I would highly recommend for there quality, reliability, fit and finish!!