Ultra Wide


This machine features our top of the line, baddest, lightest wheels we build! 

First off, the Ultra Wide wheels are amazing. Sometimes I just go to my garage to look at them. And the improvement in handling is well beyond what I expected. The bike holds to the road in a deep and satisfying way. I lean confidently into my turns in a way I never would have dared on the stock wheels. 

Even beyond the wheels it feels like I've got a whole new bike. I'm not sure what it was that made all the difference. Probably a little bit of everything. It's possible the bike has never been properly tuned. Certainly it has never felt as powerful or responsive as it does now. It is such a joy to ride and of course the bike looks fucking amazing. So bad ass.

It was such a pleasure working with you on the bike. I've worked with a lot of mechanics but never one who had the care and focus you brought to the project. I'm already trying to save my money for more. 

Thanks again for your excellent service and beautiful work. 


Canyon 'Ultra Wide' Thruxton

TT Ultra wide billet profile wheel kits for the ultimate Triumph builder. 17x6.25 rear and 17x3.5 front. Denim Black and stainless nipples, complete with our offset Cush drive and sprocket system for perfect wheel alignment with a 190 rear tire!

Our new profile rims are machined from a billet core and skinned to take every ounce of excess weight off. We then send them out to be mirror polished, then drill and countersink the rims by hand. We then powdercoat them for an incredibly smooth finish. They're lighter than Excels and true up nicer than any rim out there.


**The wheels take all the stock size Triumph rotors and sprockets.**