They say the old ones are the best......
Q: What do you get when you have 32 Harley owners in the same room?
A: A full set of teeth. boom boom!

The same goes for this very early '01 Bonne, one of the first off the line and ridden enough to put 40k on the clock! Andy acquired it and set about resurrecting and customizing the bike with a view to a solid mechanical machine. 

Andy had already done a lot of the foundations of the bike and had the basic idea, but it was awful to ride--it was dog slow and ran like crap, no brakes and the clutch was fried in a big way.  The bars were horrible, the rear wheel bearings had grenaded and took the hub out and nothing had really been serviced properly for a long time.  It was pretty to look at from a distance, but safe to ride it certainly wasn’t!
We got together and did a full diagnostic on the bike and gave Andy a game plan to turn it into a sweet solid machine you could set of to Vegas on without any worries, and with that he shot off to the Carribian for a vacation!
The bike was stripped and the motor was gone through with a valve adjustment and a new clutch.  The fuel system was fully overhauled with OEM parts and set up with a few tricks to match the race Arrow pipe.
Works shocks to the rear and a Hagon fork kit and full rebuild sorted the suspension.  A set of Ultimate high performance TT Classic Wheels with braking rotors and a neat Berringer 4 pot sorted the handling department out.
Some Biltwell Moto bars, Mini speedo and chrome grill set the front end off, along with a bobbed fender.
Chris over at Chappel Customs made the Bitchin “Tuf” seat with red stitching and the Tiny LED Lights, a bit of  tasteful powdercoat in the right places made the Classic Tank and that chrome Twin motor pop lovely!
This Bonne is set up and rides incredibly well and feels very light without the boat anchor OEM wheels.
Love this bike and its been a pleasure to work on as the old ones are definitly the best....

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