Cone Engineering Dominator Touring Mufflers - Air Cooled


Cone Engineering designed and manufactured the original Dominator mufflers that became the most popular muffler for the Triumph modern Classic. And now they are available DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER!
A few years ago, the new Touring Series was created for those wanting a little less roar.  The original muffler was renamed the Sport Series.  Choose the original “Sport” with a straight-through 1.75” louver core wrapped in stainless steel wool.  Or go for the newer “Touring”, featuring the same size louver core, but featuring a unique internal deflector cone that lowers the sound level.
Both versions fit on the stock headers and use the stock clamps.  The muffler mounting bracket attaches in the stock rear foot peg location, either with pegs or with eliminator mounts.  The Bonneville/T100 fits with or without the stock center stand.  The Thruxton and “Mag Wheel” Bonneville CANNOT use a center stand.  All mufflers come in bright polished 304 stainless steel.
Regrettably, these mufflers are not available for sale or use on California licensed vehicles.
Dominator “Touring” Series
Part Number Model Fitment Material/Finish

Features Retail
MC-TP-BT Bonneville or

2002-2016 304SS Bright Polished Fits w/center stand $599.00
MC-TP-MWT "Mag Wheel" Bonneville 2009-2016 304SS Bright Polished NO center stand $599.00
MC-TP-TT Thruxton 2004-2016 304SS Bright Polished NO center stand $599.00
The “Touring” core has a more subdued sound that lets you ride all day and still be envied by your friends at the end of the day.  Slightly less performance oriented than the Sport series as the reduction in sound level does require giving up a bit of power.  In addition to being less loud, many people find this muffler makes the bike easier to tune for general street riding.
Our ceramic coating is guaranteed to last THREE YEARS from date of purchase or we will recoat them for free!  And because ALL our TP mufflers are stainless steel you won’t have rust concerns like you would with a mild steel muffler. 
Black ceramic is a special order option.  Additional cost is $100 per set.  Please allow one weeks lead time prior to shipping.